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When it was created in 2005, milliondollarhomepage.com acted as an advertising board on the internet, selling one million pixels on the web for $1 each. Back then the web was still very static and there were no digital native forms of transacting value so when pixels were bought and set, they could no longer be re-sold or updated.

Today the internet is a lot more fun to play with and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum have ushered in a whole new age known as Web3 where digitally native money and assets, represented by tokens and NFTs, can be transacted openly peer-to-peer across the internet. MDTP infuses these modern innovations into the original idea to build a much more fun and functional virtual space to share content on anything you like!


How does it work? ⚙️

MDTP has 10,000 blocks on a 1000 x 1000 2D grid represented by 10,000 NFTs on the Ethereum network. Each NFT can either be minted or bought second-hand from someone who's already minted it. Once owned, you can put any image within that block, along with a title, description and url to another website!

To mint new blocks and make use of Ethereum and Web3 technologies you need to have a Web3 enabled plugin like Metamask or browser like Brave, which has a native crypto wallet, and to have some cryptocurrency in your wallet. You'll need Ether in your wallet to pay for the minting fees of the NFT collection and mining fees of the network. Simply select "mint" in the side-panel for a block that's not yet been minted and confirm the transaction.

Once you own the NFT that represents a block you can then change the image, title, description and url by clicking it and selecting "update token" on the side-panel. By connecting your wallet the site will recognises that you own that NFT and allow you to update the content associated with that block.

And its a simple as that, buy blocks as NFTs then share your NFTs, projects and creations in this digital content space with the entire world!


Why is this special? ✨

MDTP's magic comes in using the Ethereum network to store data and token ownership, as you get the benefit of both (1) life beyond the developers, and (2) the ability to re-sell your blocks easily. What does this mean?

The first relates to the fact that when data is written into the Ethereum blockchain its made immutable. So even if a catastrophe topples our servers, as the sole owner of the NFT representing this block you will still have ownership and it will still point to the same data. So another developer could potentially build another website showing the same NFTs and your content would still show up identically as before.

Secondly, as an owner of this NFT, you can use external marketplace like opensea to re-sell that block for whatever price you like. So if you have a block that someone else finds particularly desirable, they can bid up prices to buy them off you, and an NFT you bought for say $100 could sell for $1000 or more depending on demand - the sky is the limit!

The more people know about the site the more demand will rise and subsequently the price of your NFTs! So make sure to share the site with your friends and followers and own a piece of crypto history! ❤️

Anything else 🤔

Most NFT projects today are widely seen on twitter, discord and even IRL because they come with a profile picture.

With MillionDollarTokenPage we give you something even better - we give you a profile frame 🖼!

You can read more about Frames here. We think they are the future.

Once you own a token, you can use PFP Kit to create a new PFP with your other NFTs overlaid by an awesome MDTP Frame.

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MillionDollarTokenPage is built by TokenPage.

We are a product studio focussed on developing and creating value for communities, powered by a deep web3 core.

If you'd like us to help build out your web3 vision, get in touch 🙌.

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